Publicada Mayo 03, 2017 Pupillary Response to Negative Emotional Stimuli Is Differentially Affected in Meditation Practitioners Vasquez-Rosati A, Brunetti EP, Cordero C, Maldonado PE Leer Más
Publicada Abril 27, 2017 RyR2-Mediated Ca2+ Release and Mitochondrial ROS Generation Partake in the Synaptic Dysfunction Caused by Amyloid β Peptide Oligomers SanMartín CD, Veloso P, Adasme T, Lobos P, Bruna B, Galaz J, García A, Hartel S, Hidalgo C, Paula-Lima AC Leer Más
Publicada Abril 26, 2017 Aging Impairs Hippocampal- Dependent Recognition Memory and LTP and Prevents the Associated RyR Up-regulation Arias-Cavieres A, Adasme T, Sánchez G, Muñoz P, Hidalgo C Leer Más
Publicada Abril 25, 2017 Membrane Cholesterol in Skeletal Muscle: A Novel Player in Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Insulin Resistance Barrientos G, Sánchez-Aguilera P, Jaimovich E, Hidalgo C, Llanos P Leer Más
Publicada Abril 11, 2017 Calcium Rules Hidalgo C Leer Más
Publicada Abril 02, 2017 Automatic classification of human sperm head morphology Chang V, García A, Hitschfeld N, Härtel S Leer Más
Publicada Abril 01, 2017 Gold-standard for computer-assisted morphological sperm analysis Chang V, García A, Hitschfeld N, Härtel S Leer Más
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