Publicada Junio 01, 2017 Shifting the focus toward rare variants in schizophrenia to close the gap from genotype to phenotype Bustamante ML, Herrera L, Gaspar PA, Nieto R, Maturana A, Villar MJ, Salinas V, Silva H Leer Más
Publicada Mayo 25, 2017 The effect of a mindfulness-based intervention in cognitive functions and psychological well-being applied as an early intervention in schizophrenia and high-risk mental state in a Chilean sample Langer àI, Schmidt C, Mayol R, Dà­az M, Lecaros J, Krogh E, Pardow A, Vergara C, Vergara G, Pérez-Herrera B, Villar MJ, Maturana A, Gaspar PA Leer Más
Publicada Mayo 03, 2017 Pupillary Response to Negative Emotional Stimuli Is Differentially Affected in Meditation Practitioners Vasquez-Rosati A, Brunetti EP, Cordero C, Maldonado PE Leer Más
Publicada Abril 27, 2017 RyR2-Mediated Ca2+ Release and Mitochondrial ROS Generation Partake in the Synaptic Dysfunction Caused by Amyloid β Peptide Oligomers SanMartà­n CD, Veloso P, Adasme T, Lobos P, Bruna B, Galaz J, Garcà­a A, Hartel S, Hidalgo C, Paula-Lima AC Leer Más
Publicada Abril 26, 2017 Aging Impairs Hippocampal- Dependent Recognition Memory and LTP and Prevents the Associated RyR Up-regulation Arias-Cavieres A, Adasme T, Sánchez G, Muñoz P, Hidalgo C Leer Más
Publicada Abril 25, 2017 Membrane Cholesterol in Skeletal Muscle: A Novel Player in Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Insulin Resistance Barrientos G, Sánchez-Aguilera P, Jaimovich E, Hidalgo C, Llanos P Leer Más
Publicada Abril 11, 2017 Calcium Rules Hidalgo C Leer Más
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