Golgi bypass for local delivery of axonal proteins, fact or fiction?


Although translation of cytosolic proteins is well described inaxons, much less is known about the synthesis, processing andtrafficking of transmembrane and secreted proteins Acanonical rough endoplasmic reticulum or a stacked Golgiapparatus has not been detected in axons, generating doubtsabout the functionality of a local route However, axons containmRNAs for membrane and secreted proteins, translationfactors, ribosomal components, smooth endoplasmicreticulum and post-endoplasmic reticulum elements that maycontribute to local biosynthesis and plasma membranedeliveryHere we consider the evidence supporting a localsecretory system in axons We discuss exocytic elementsand examples of autonomous axonal trafficking that impactdevelopment and maintenance We also examine whetherunconventional post-endoplasmic reticulum pathways mayreplace the canonical Golgi apparatus

González C, Cornejo VH, Couve A

Current Opinion In Cell Biology (Curr Opin Cell Biol)

agosto 01, 2018

DOI: 101016/jceb201803010

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