Cdh2 coordinates Myosin-II dependent internalisationCdh2 coordinates Myosin-II dependent internalisation of the zebrafish neural plate of the zebrafish neural plate


Tissue internalisation is a key morphogenetic mechanism by which embryonic tissues generate complex internal organs and a number of studies of epithelia have outlined a general view of tissue internalisation. Here we have used quantitative live imaging and mutant analysis to determine whether similar mechanisms are responsible for internalisation in a tissue that apparently does not have a typical epithelial organisation - the zebrafish neural plate. We found that although zebrafish embryos begin neurulation without a conventional epithelium, medially located neural plate cells adopt strategies typical of epithelia in order to constrict their dorsal surface membrane during cell internalisation. Furthermore, we show that Myosin-II activity is a significant driver of this transient cell remodeling which also depends on Cdh2 (N-cadherin). Abrogation of Cdh2 results in defective Myosin-II distribution, mislocalised internalisation events and defective neural plate morphogenesis. Our work suggests Cdh2 coordinates Myosin-II dependent internalisation of the zebrafish neural plate.

Claudio Araya, Hanna-Maria Häkkinen, Luis Carcamo, Mauricio Cerda, Thierry Savy, Christopher Rookyard, Nadine Peyriéras & Jonathan D. W. Clarke

Scientific Reports

febrero 12, 2019

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-43789-0

Investigador BNI: Mauricio Cerda