Presynaptic DLG regulates synaptic function through the localization of voltage-activated Ca(2+) Channels.


The DLG-MAGUK subfamily of proteins plays a role on the recycling and clustering of glutamate receptors (GLUR) at the postsynaptic density. discs-large1 (dlg) is the only DLG-MAGUK gene in Drosophila and originates two main products, DLGA and DLGS97 which differ by the presence of an L27 domain. Combining electrophysiology, immunostaining and genetic manipulation at the pre and postsynaptic compartments we study the DLG contribution to the basal synaptic-function at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction. Our results reveal a specific function of DLGS97 in the regulation of the size of GLUR fields and their subunit composition. Strikingly the absence of any of DLG proteins at the presynaptic terminal disrupts the clustering and localization of the calcium channel DmCa1A subunit (Cacophony), decreases the action potential-evoked release probability and alters short-term plasticity. Our results show for the first time a crucial role of DLG proteins in the presynaptic function in vivo.

Astorga C, Jorquera RA, Ramà­rez M, Kohler A, López E, Delgado R, Córdova A, Olguà­n P, Sierralta J.

Scientific Reports

agosto 30, 2016

DOI: 10.1038/srep32132

Investigador BNI: Jimena Sierralta , Patricio Olguín