Our institute is seeking talented and highly motivated postdocs willing to live and work in our laboratories located in Santiago, Chile. Applicants are invited to work on fundamental unresolved questions in a range of topics from subcellular, cellular, and developmental Neuroscience, through plasticity and cognition and the molecular and functional basis of psychiatric and neurological diseases. We encourage the use of complementary model organisms (Drosophila, zebrafish, rodents, and humans), multiscale analysis of biological phenomena, in vivo approaches, or state-of-the-art technological capabilities, especially in the areas of advanced light microscopy and signal processing. Applicants are expected to contribute to a differentiating scientific culture that cultivates and blends these strategies through intense, highly collaborative, multidisciplinary and cohesive work, with the broad aim of having a significant impact on research, technology, and education. We encourage you to visit our Investigators and Research Lines pages to explore and identify a suitable laboratory. Please contact directly the principal investigator you would like to work with, to determine availability and research-interest compatibility. In addition, we offer a postdoctoral bridge fellowship which can be awarded for up to 18 months. In this case, an application to the Fondecyt Postdoctoral competition will be required. Dates for receiving a letter of intent will be announced soon.

If you are a foreign visitor, please follow this link link for more information