Publicada Julio 01, 2017 Cognitive impairment in agricultural workers and nearby residents exposed to pesticides in the Coquimbo Region of Chile Corral SA, De Angel V, Salas N, Zúñiga-Venegas L, Gaspar PA, Pancetti F Leer Más
Publicada Junio 06, 2017 (2017) Asymmetric morphogenesis of the parapineal organ in the embryonic zebrafish brain. Lemus C, Palma K, Jara J, Härtel S, Concha M Leer Más
Publicada Junio 05, 2017 Extra-embryonic tissue spreading directs early embryo morphogenesis in killifish Reig G, Cerda M, Sepúlveda N, Flores D, Castañeda V, Tada M, Härtel S, Concha ML Leer Más
Publicada Junio 01, 2017 Shifting the focus toward rare variants in schizophrenia to close the gap from genotype to phenotype Bustamante ML, Herrera L, Gaspar PA, Nieto R, Maturana A, Villar MJ, Salinas V, Silva H Leer Más
Publicada Mayo 25, 2017 The effect of a mindfulness-based intervention in cognitive functions and psychological well-being applied as an early intervention in schizophrenia and high-risk mental state in a Chilean sample Langer ÁI, Schmidt C, Mayol R, Díaz M, Lecaros J, Krogh E, Pardow A, Vergara C, Vergara G, Pérez-Herrera B, Villar MJ, Maturana A, Gaspar PA Leer Más
Publicada Mayo 03, 2017 Pupillary Response to Negative Emotional Stimuli Is Differentially Affected in Meditation Practitioners Vasquez-Rosati A, Brunetti EP, Cordero C, Maldonado PE Leer Más
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